Avert Bitter Solution 100ml - Kyron

Bitter liquid to discourages pets from chewing, licking, biting wounds, bandages, stitches and household objects

Avert Bitter Solution 100ml -  Kyron

AVERT is an extremely bitter liquid for application to bandages or dressings or around open wounds. It discourages pets from chewing, licking and biting wounds, bandages, stitches and household objects.

AVERT is packed in a pump-spray bottle. The extremely unpleasant and bitter nature of AVERT will discourage most animals from attempting to lick surfaces treated with the product. The product is non-toxic and safe to use.

Composition: AVERT contains a high concentration of one of the most bitter substances in the world (denatonium benzoate) together with bitter plant principles and oils.

Directions for use: Apply AVERT by spraying solution onto the surface to be protected. Re-apply as soon as the animal starts the undesired licking or biting behaviour again. It can be applied as many times as necessary.

Pack size:  100ml with dropper nozzle and spray pump

For complete information, including application instructions, make sure you read the packaging insert. Avert Bitter Solution. Composition: denatonium benzoate, bitter plant principles and oils.Kyron Laboratories (Pty) Ltd, 29 Barney Road, Johannesburg Benrose, 2094, South Africa.