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Top 5 reasons to brush your dog's coat

Why is brushing so important? Regular grooming has more benefits that just having a pretty dog. It also makes the dog feel more comfortable and allows you to recognise health problems before they become serious or even life threatening.


Here are the top 5 reasons to regularly brush your dog’s coat:


1. To control shedding and promote a healthy coat. Regular brushing will significantly reduce the amount of shedding and matting. While all shedding cannot be completely avoided, regular brushing will help cut back on the need to vacuum the house. Brushing also promotes good circulation and stimulates natural oil production. This helps prevents dry skin and maintains a shiny, healthy coat. Regular brushing is beneficial for all kinds of dogs, no matter what the breed or coat type.


2. To check for any skin abnormalities. Brushing allows you to look for any lumps, bumps, skin discolorations, dry patches and injuries. With regular brushing, you automatically establish a baseline of what’s normal which will help you to easily notice any deviations. Follow up with your veterinarian if you have any concerns as detecting problems early (such as cancer) may save your pet’s life. Remember to also check eyes, ears, nails and teeth with every grooming session.


3. To prevent infections and irritations. Thorough brushing removes dead hair, dirt, dandruff and debris which can become a dwelling place for bacteria and fungi as well as nasty parasites such as mites, lice, ticks and fleas. Matted hair can be very painful and can lead to severe skin infections.


4. To spend quality time with your pet. Spending time with your dog is important. Our modern, busy lives often require us to leave our pets alone at home for most of the day. Grooming your dog allows one-on-one time which helps create a closer bond and re-assures your pet that he is loved and wanted. While not all dogs love being brushed, it’s important to teach your dog that the experience can be pleasant. Start slowly and try not to do too much tugging and untangling at the beginning. Keep sessions short and remember to reward and praise your dog often for sitting still. Once you get into a routine, your dog will appreciate the undivided attention!


 5. To prepare your dog to be handled by the vet. Regular grooming will desensitize your pet to being handled and touched all over (especially around the face, feet and tail). This will make him more comfortable when being examined by the vet. Definitely less stress for all involved!


Simply put, regular grooming keeps you dog looking great and helps set aside time for just the two of you. This helps create a happy, healthy pet and will you save on veterinary bills in the long run. So don’t delay… start grooming your dog today!



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